Dr Stark established a visual electrodiagnostic clinic in 1979. Initially this clinic formed part of the NSU but now for 7 years it has been functioning solely as an ophthalmic institute.

The VEDC (Visual Electro Diagnostic Clinic)  continues to provide a unique visual diagnostic service for all of Queensland and northern New South Wales. A series of tests are performed which permit the investigation of Visual disorders and enables suitable management of patients who have retinal or optic nerve disorders.  These tests are described in detail in the ensuing articles in the the associated menu. These tests ere non-invasive and provide information regarding the eye and visual function not otherwise available. They are an addendum to the normal eye investigation and examination.

These tests are performed at the clinic sited within the EyeTech Day Surgery complex in Upper Mt Gravatt.

An overview of the tests provided is given in 2 papers Visual Electrophysiology and Visual Electrophysiology 2012. The latter paper was first published this year the former paper was updated late 2011. Further papers provide detals of specific conditions.

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