Preseptal Cellulitis
Inflammation of eyelid tissues results from trauma or spread of local infections.

It is necessary to observe closely for spread. Treat with Oral Antibiotics.

Orbital Cellulitis
- i.e. inflammation of orbital tissues behind the orbital septum. This has very serious consequences if not managed quickly. spread of infection may result in Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis or  Meningitis.

- secondary to acute sinusitis
- secondary to ocular inflammation

Both results in proptosis and some limitation of ocular movement.  Where the aetiology is extra – orbital the eye will be white and quite – the opposire in ocular infection

- treat the causative infections
- systemic antibiotics
- Surgical drainage of the sinus maybe necessary.   

These children require admission to hospital because of the potential hazards to vision due to optic nerve compression, the complication of cavernous sinus involvement or meningitis.