Anterior Uveitis – Iritis

- often unknown
- auto immune disorders e.g. Stills’ Disease or ulcerative colitis
- secondary to corneal lesions
- tuberculosis, sarcoidosis   

Acute Iritis
- red, painful eye
- vision often reduced
- miosis (pupil may be irregular due to adhesions to the lens)
- cells visible in anterior chamber
- deposits of white cells on corneal endothelium

- local steroids (Prednisone drop)
- mydriatics (atropine 1% drops)

- secondary glaucoma
- cataract
- vision loss


Chronic Iritis
Is often insidious but the examination demonstrates the features as above but the eye is white.

Toxoplasmosis Retinitis
usually a focal chorio-retinal scar, frequently at the macula.

Toxocara Canis Retinitis
ocular manifestation of visceral larva migrans – nematode larva.  A peripheral retinal granuloma may be seen associated with vitreo-retinal fibrosis and traction.